Our Mission

Our mission is to maximize the leverage of philanthropic dollars, time and effort through the pursuit of two strategies:

Our People

Jerry Hirsch, Chairman

Lois Savage, President

Cathy Lake, Vice President of Programs

Bonnie Fujii, Grants Manager

Our Name

One of the challenges in starting a new enterprise is finding the right name to reflect the essence of the organization. In 1999, as we were forming the foundation, we read through an entire dictionary searching for the perfect name; it was there that we discovered the word “lodestar.” “Lodestar” has two meanings: first, it’s the guiding star that is used as a point of reference for sailors in navigation, and, secondly, and more generally, it is something that serves as a model, inspiration or guiding principle. We subsequently learned that “lodestar” has a third meaning in Arizona history; the “lodestar” was the first shining glint of ore, uncovered by miners, that foreshadowed striking a rich vein of ore in the mine. Applying any of these three definitions, it seems the perfect name for a family of foundations* that were formed to inspire and guide us to find happiness through philanthropy.

*  The Lodestar Foundation
    The Lodestar Charitable Foundation
    The Lodestar Jewish Donor Advised Fund
    The Lodestar Foundation Fund

Our Geographic Focus

While The Lodestar Foundation is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and a number of our grants support local nonprofits, we are opportunity-driven and our grantmaking is national and international.  We constantly seek opportunities that are aligned with our mission and strategies and that include funding partners to participate with us.