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The Collaboration Prize

While Lodestar is mainly a grantmaking foundation, our primary operating program is The Collaboration Prize.

During the first several years of our work supporting nonprofit collaborations, we became increasingly aware of the lack of written material providing a diversity of models of successful collaborations from which nonprofits could study, learn and emulate. Indeed, we found that there were many perceived obstacles to collaboration that discouraged nonprofits from even considering collaboration as an option. We decided that if a wide variety of successful models was available, nonprofits would be encouraged to pursue collaboration with more confidence. We concluded that the most efficient way to collect such models was through The Collaboration Prize, a national contest to financially reward the best nonprofit collaboration.

In 2008, we initiated the first Collaboration Prize contest. Through a national advertising and public relations campaign, we received 644 nominations as successful collaborations. In 2010, we entered into a partnership with the Foundation Center whereby 300 of these nominations have been incorporated into a broad-based database, searchable by a wide variety of categories and characteristics. The Nonprofit Collaboration Database went online in June of 2010 on the Foundation Center website.

In 2010, we undertook the second Collaboration Prize contest, primarily to update and expand the database. We received 814 applications and the winners were announced in April of 2011.

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