Our Grant Philosophy

While the Lodestar Foundation is very focused in our grantmaking and will consider funding only organizations, projects and programs that further our mission, our grants are designed to leverage the Lodestar Foundation’s assets to the fullest extent possible. Not only do we try to maximize strategic impact by focusing on projects that support systemic changes in the way nonprofits conduct business, we generally leverage our funds by establishing challenge and matching grant requirements which may be applicable to our grantees and their boards as well as third parties. We generally require our grantees to report to us periodically for at least two years after funding to let us know how the grant has impacted their work.

In addition to making direct grants, the Lodestar Foundation also works to build knowledge in the fields of philanthropy and collaboration, as well as to educate others about the fields.

Strategic Funding Areas

PHILANTHROPY: To implement our strategy of building philanthropy, the Lodestar Foundation focuses on strengthening organizations that primarily exist to encourage philanthropy, volunteerism or public service in the community. We support donor networks as well as nonprofits that have as a primary mission the desire to (a) grow philanthropy, (b) promote and train volunteers, or (c) support, encourage or train citizen engagement in public-service activities.

COLLABORATION/BUSINESS PRACTICES: With respect to collaboration, The Lodestar Foundation supports those nonprofits that have made the joint decision to explore and/or implement permanent relationships. We support long-term collaborations in all forms, ranging from joint programming to administrative consolidations (sharing office space and/or services) to mergers and acquisitions to associations and confederations.

Representative Grants

For ease of access, we have divided our grants into categories according to the subject matter of the grant. We encourage you to review descriptions of Lodestar Foundation grants by type clicking on the links below:

Grants to Build Philanthropy (philanthropy, volunteerism, public service)

Grants to Directly Support Collaboration

Grants to Organizations that Promote Collaboration

Grants to Support the Creation of Networks and Alliances

Grants to Funder Collaboratives

Special Project Collaboration Grants

At the beginning of each category we highlighted those grants that to us, over the course of our existence, represent the essence of our mission. These grants collectively embody the qualities that motivate our grantmaking – vision, risk, leverage, strategy.

To see the full extent of more than a decade of Lodestar grantmaking, explore a complete list of our grantees.