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Happiness and Philanthropy

In this section you will find articles discussing the link between happiness and philanthropy, a central tenet of Lodestar's mission. We encourage you to contact us if you are aware of any other articles that should be referenced on our website.

Why Fund-Raising Is Fun
The New York Times Sunday Review, March 29, 2014. Arthur C. Brooks, president of the American Enterprise Institute, writes this opinion piece about his scholarly research that found that charitable giving stimulates prosperity. Research has shown this is because charitable giving improves people's belief that they are capable of handling a situation and/or bring about a desired outcome.

My Philantrophy Has Made Me Happy
The Giving Commitment: Knowing Your Motivation, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, 2011. George Soros wrote, " philanthropy has made me happy. What more could one ask for?" According to a September 2011 article in Forbes, between 1979 and 2011, Soros gave away over $8 billion to human rights, public health, and education causes.
This website is a project of the Harnisch Foundation to "encourage the thrill of giving." It is a place to read stories--big and small--about what people give and how it feels.

Giving Makes the Rich Richer — and Happier
Chronicle of Philanthropy, October 29, 2009. Giving away money to good causes helps the wealthy get richer — and live happier lives, new research finds.

Happiness is a $58m question
Melbourne Herald-Sun, June 9, 2008. So what should the lucky $58 million Powerball winners do to benefit most from the windfall and make the world a better place? The answer is not as obvious as it seems. But much of it rests in the adage that it's more rewarding to give than to take...

Spending on Happiness: Q&A with Michael I. Norton
Harvard Business School Working Knowledge, June 2, 2008. Can money buy you happiness? Yes—so long as you spend the money on someone else. According to new research, giving other people even as little as $5 can lead to increased well-being for the giver.

How To Buy Happiness
Forbes, March 20, 2008. Bad news for the luxury goods market: Spending money on tchochkes doesn't make you happier, but giving money away just might. That conclusion, in a study published in the journal Science, flies in the face of what most people--and, certainly, advertisers--typically believe...

Why Do People Give to Charity
Tactical Philanthropy, February 21, 2008. Sean Stannard-Stockton believes "giving is motivated by humans’ deeply held need to find meaning in life. For most people, meaning is deeply intertwined with community connections (defining community as narrowly as family to the full community of life)."

Paying taxes, according to the brain, can bring satisfaction
University of Oregon, June 14, 2007. UO study provides neural insights into the economics of philanthropy. Want to light up the pleasure center in your brain? Just pay your taxes, and then give a little extra voluntarily to your local food bank. University of Oregon scientists have found that doing those deeds can give you the same sort of satisfaction you derive from feeding your own hunger pangs...

Volunteer work and well-being
Journal of Health and Social Behavior, June 2001. Using two waves of panel data from Americans' Changing Lives (House 1995) (N = 2,681), we examine the relationships between volunteer work in the community and six aspects of personal well-being: happiness, life satisfaction, self-esteem, sense of control over life, physical health, and depression...