The Loadstar Foundation: seeking hapiness through philanthropy

Partner With Us

We encourage you to contact us if any of the following apply:

  • You are not currently engaged in philanthropy but, after visiting our web site, you are considering adopting the philosophy that helping others will provide you with a happier life, a life with more meaning and purpose.
  • You are engaged in philanthropy and have comments on our philosophy, mission or our strategies (including the use of leverage).
  • You have an interest in investing with us to advance our philosophy and mission.
  • You are a foundation doing work that is similar or complementary to our work; we welcome partnerships with foundations making grants that are consistent with our work.
  • You are an established nonprofit engaged in work that advances our mission and you seek our support.

In late 2009, Lodestar entered into a partnership with SeaChange Capital Partners to jointly support nonprofit collaborations throughout the country. In furtherance of that effort, the partners established the SeaChange-Lodestar Collaboration Fund to support collaborations. One way to support our work is to contribute to the Fund. Collaborations described on our website as being associated with the S-L Fund were facilitated by this partnership and financed by the Fund, and include the following:

Cancer Support Community merger announcementBig Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago merger announcementWomensLaw merger announcementUnited Nations Foundation alliance announcementMaine Maritime Heritage merger announcement

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