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Child-Focused Museums in Winston-Salem Merge to Expand Reach

SciWorks and the Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem were two museums in the Winston-Salem area of North Carolina, each providing educational opportunities for children through creative and collaborative play. In addition to their similar missions, the two nonprofits were facing similar challenges related to accessibility to the community: the Children’s Museum was located in a relatively small building, and SciWorks was located in a relatively distant suburb. The organizations pursued a merger in order to expand the programming and reach of both museums while saving on administrative costs and eliminating competition for local funding. The merged entity became Kaleideum, which operates two museums with exhibits involving science, literacy, arts, theater, and more.

Grant Information

Grant Amount: $25,000

Year Granted: 2016

Grantee: SciWorks

Location: NC - North Carolina

Grantee Website: Kaleideum