Coalition To Strengthen Israeli-Arab NGOs

The Alliance for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP) is a coalition of more than 100 organizations that promote people-to-people coexistence between Arabs and Jews, Israelis and Palestinians in the Middle East. ALLMEP works to raise awareness about the work of the member organizations in addition to cultivating new and expanded resources to support the overall “grassroots” peace movement. Importantly, it also advocates for the interests of ALLMEP members before U.S. agencies, Congress, foreign governments, and foundations. Recognizing the potential impact that ALLMEP’s umbrella organization could have, Lodestar has provided a series of grants to ALLMEP, first to formalize and professionalize ALLMEP and then to help develop a sustainable infrastructure to secure its future. Lodestar’s investment has leveraged more than $132 million in grants from Congress to improve grassroots Israeli-Palestinian relations and establish ling-term conditions for peace.

Grant Information

Grant Amount: $512,000

Year Granted: 2015

Timeframe: Grant awarded over multiple years

Grantee: The Alliance for Middle East Peace

Location: International

Grantee Website: The Alliance for Middle East Peace