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The Lodestar Foundation was created to put into practice a set of five interrelated sequential principles. These principles form the basis upon which our mission has been developed.


The basic goal of all humans is inner happiness.

Learn more about the relationship between happiness and philanthropy.


One meaningful purpose is to endeavor to help one’s fellow man.

Learn more about the concept of Giving While Living.


Applying tools of leverage to philanthropic resources can maximize the impact of helping others and thereby magnify the opportunity to achieve happiness.


Happiness can only be found by identifying and striving to achieve a meaningful purpose for one’s existence.


Although there are countless ways to help, ultimately the ability to help is limited by one’s time, money and other resources.

Just as Lodestar encourages nonprofits to work together to maximize impact, we collaborate with funders and others to increase philanthropic impact . →
The Lodestar Foundation is very focused in its grantmaking and will consider funding only organizations, projects and programs that further our mission. →

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If you are on our website because you heard our message on NPR, please let us know; and if you were inspired by our message, please let us know that, including, at your option, how you were inspired. If you want our message to continue to be heard, please donate here.

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