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Cross-Sector Collaborative to Identify Community Nutrition Needs and Organizations

The Maricopa Council on Youth Sports and Physical Activity (“MCYSPA”) was a coalition of community partners formed to coordinate the efforts of programs that address physical inactivity and poor nutrition to prevent obesity and related health disparities. Lodestar issued a challenge grant to help fund the Healthy Food Mapping Project, an online map of the “food landscape,” showing every entity in Maricopa County that addresses issues surrounding hunger and nutrition (including food banks, government programs, food distribution programs and other nutrition/food resources). The project was designed not only to help food-insecure individuals access resources, but also to make the entities aware of one another’s services and encourage collaboration.

Grant Information

Grant Amount: $23,000

Year Granted: 2009

Grantee: Maricopa Council on Youth Sports and Physical Activity

Location: AZ - Arizona

Grantee Website: