Senior Services Agencies Explore Models for Long-Term Stability of Co-Location Collaboration

Since 2008, Tanglewood Park has housed three senior-serving agencies in a unique co-location collaborative model. Collectively, the agencies provide seniors with fitness, art, and dance classes; travel programs; nutrition resources; healthcare services; day center activities; senior options counselors; care-giving training; and more, all under one roof. In 2010, Tanglewood Park sought to develop an organizational framework for long-term ownership and management that would enable the agencies to share space and staff most efficiently to implement a shared vision and ensure long-term sustainability of the center. Lodestar provided a grant that allowed Tanglewood Park to organize a formal exploration of models that would enable the agencies to collaborate effectively in order to provide seniors continued access to “one-stop shopping” for care and services.

Grant Information

Grant Amount: $15,300

Year Granted: 2010

Grantee: Tanglewood Park

Location: MI - Michigan

Grantee Website: Tanglewood Park