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Economic Opportunity Nonprofits Merge to Increase Scale and Advocacy

The Center for Popular Democracy and the Leadership Center for the Common Good—two national nonprofits that promote equality and economic opportunity by engaging in direct community organizing and policy work in addition to providing capacity building technical assistance to organizing nonprofits—sought to build economies of scale to expand the scope of their services. They each explored mergers with several agencies but soon determined they were the best partners because of their similar approaches to their work. The merged entity, which retained the Center for Popular Democracy name, has not only increased its scale to invest in new programs and services but has also strengthened its advocacy voice and grown its number of partner agencies. A SeaChange-Lodestar Fund for Nonprofit Collaboration challenge grant provided support for one-time merger-related expenses.

Grant Information

Grant Amount: $18,000

Year Granted: 2014

Grantee: Center for Popular Democracy

Location: National

Grantee Website: Center for Popular Democracy