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Arts Nonprofits Explore Collaborating on a Research and Policy Institute

Fractured Atlas is a national nonprofit providing technology-enhanced infrastructure to artists and small arts organizations. Future of Music Coalition (FMC) is a national nonprofit that organizes, advocates, and researches to ensure a diverse musical culture where artists are fairly compensated and audiences can access their work. In 2013, the organizations considered jointly establishing a research and policy institute on art and technology. With the help of a consultant funded in part by a grant from the SeaChange-Lodestar Fund for Nonprofit Collaboration, Fractured Atlas and FMC ultimately determined that the timing was not right for the collaboration in light of other circumstances, but they gained valuable insight on the needs of the industry and how they can continue to support musicians.

Grant Information

Grant Amount: $15,000

Year Granted: 2012

Grantee: Fractured Atlas

Location: National

Grantee Website: Fractured Atlas