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Exploration of Merger Between Two National Domestic Violence Organizations

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (“NCADV”) and National Domestic Violence Hotline (“The Hotline”) are both national organizations who advocate for and provide services to survivors of domestic violence. NCADV is dedicated to supporting DV survivors, holding those who cause harm accountable, and training other advocates. The Hotline is the only national 24-hour, 365-day a year domestic violence hotline, often serving as the first source of support for DV survivors. The organizations have been referring clients to one another for years. The executive directors are considering ways in which they can more effectively build on their organizations’ informal partnership, with particular interest in exploring a merger. The SeaChange-Lodestar Fund for Nonprofit Collaboration provided a grant to help cover the exploration costs of a potential merger.

Grant Information

Grant Amount: $20,000

Year Granted: 2023

Grantee: National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Location: National