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Charter Management Organization to Strengthen Cleveland Charter Schools

Three independent Cleveland charter schools—Citizens Academy, The Intergenerational Schools and E Prep—established Breakthrough Charter Schools, an innovative charter management organization, in 2010. This central entity streamlined the schools’ operations by providing consolidated administrative, marketing, and fundraising functions and positioned the operation to receive national funding (a $2 million grant was obtained soon after the partnership formed). As a result, the schools became more efficient, more stable, better funded, and better positioned for growth. SeaChange-Lodestar Fund for Nonprofit Collaboration challenge grants provided funding for partnership-related expenses. Today, Breakthrough supports a network of nine high-performing public charter schools in Cleveland.

Grant Information

Grant Amount: $82,500

Year Granted: 2012

Timeframe: Grant awarded over multiple years

Grantee: Breakthrough Charter Schools

Location: OH - Ohio

Grantee Website: Breakthrough Charter Schools