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Helping Students Plan for Further Education

Arizona State University created the innovative Me3 tool to provide online advising and student support for middle and high school students considering their post secondary education options. The tool encourages students to plan, prepare and, ultimately, succeed in obtaining education after high school. A Lodestar Foundation grant allowed ASU to expand and improve Me3 to reach more students and include multiple options for post-secondary education, including nonprofit trade schools and community colleges. Specifically, the grant helped ASU create a pilot program to test the eAdvisor concept and implement findings, in addition to fostering collaboration with nonprofit trade schools and community colleges interested in participating in the program as well as other potential partners with a common interest in improving education in Arizona.

Grant Information

Grant Amount: $1,000,000

Year Granted: 2014

Timeframe: Grant awarded over multiple years

Grantee: ASU Foundation

Location: National

Grantee Website: Me3