Performing Arts Education Organizations Join Forces with Merger

Walden Theatre operated a performing arts conservatory for middle and high school students, a small in-school performing arts program for elementary school students, and a summer camp program in Louisville, Kentucky. Blue Apple Players, also based in Louisville, ran one of the largest in-school arts and education programs serving 25,000 pre-K and elementary school students each year. The two organizations had collaborated on programs for over a decade and shared many of their contracted artist staff. After engaging in loose merger conversations for three years, the organizations merged to form the Commonwealth Theatre Center, providing succession planning, a continuum of programs, and substantial cost savings. The SeaChange-Lodestar Fund supported the merger.

Grant Information

Grant Amount: $15,000

Year Granted: 2015

Grantee: Walden Theatre

Location: KY - Kentucky

Grantee Website: Commonwealth Theatre Center