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Complementary Domestic Violence Agencies Merge

Brewster Center Domestic Violence Services and Tucson Centers for Women and Children were two of the largest organizations in Tucson serving abused women and children. The organizations had similar missions and provided some of the same services, but neither organization had the full program of services their clients needed. Thus, clients of one organization often had to utilize the other organization’s services as well. In 2008, the organizations merged and became Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse. The merger resulted in a one-stop shop for victims of domestic violence in Tucson, which eliminated duplication of services and wasteful spending and increased direct services to program participants. Lodestar provided funds to support the integration of the newly-formed organization.

Grant Information

Grant Amount: $10,000

Year Granted: 2008

Grantee: Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse

Location: AZ - Arizona

Grantee Website: Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse