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Nonprofits Merge Around Mission to Enhance Community Park

Balboa Park Conservancy and Balboa Park Central shared a common mission of sustaining and enhancing the vibrancy of San Diego’s historic Balboa Park. The two organizations focused on complementary work, with the Conservancy addressing fundraising, governance and overall management of the park and Balboa Park Central promoting the park through a variety of programs including the visitors’ center and “Passport to Balboa Park”. Given the common mission and culture at the two organizations, Balboa Park Central and the Balboa Park Conservancy decided to merge to strengthen their operations and programs by leveraging of the Conservancy’s fundraising prowess for park projects operated by Balboa Park Central. The two entities merged in July 2014, retaining the name of the Balboa Park Conservancy. A Lodestar Foundation challenge grant helped fund the merger implementation costs.

Grant Information

Grant Amount: $15,000

Year Granted: 2014

Grantee: Balboa Park Conservancy

Location: CA - California

Grantee Website: Balboa Park Conservancy