Merger of Regional Planned Parenthood Organizations into Statewide Entity

Vast population growth and increasing cultural diversity led to operational and programmatic inefficiencies for Planned Parenthood of Central and Northern Arizona (PPCNA) and Planned Parenthood of Southern Arizona (PPSA), which both provided medical services and educational programs. They faced challenges from outdated information systems, coupled with geographic sprawl throughout Arizona. After examining their internal structures, the two organizations decided to merge, forming one organizational entity, Planned Parenthood Arizona (PPAZ), with multiple localized service centers. Lodestar’s grant for systems integration allowed PPAZ to share databases internally and establish one joint website to serve patients more efficiently regardless of the health center they use.

Grant Information

Grant Amount: $50,000

Year Granted: 2007

Grantee: Planned Parenthood Arizona (PPAZ)

Location: AZ - Arizona

Grantee Website: Planned Parenthood Arizona (PPAZ)