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Merger of Two National Immigration Advocacy Organizations

New American Economy (NAE) and American Immigration Council (AIC), are two national immigration advocacy organizations. NAE is a bipartisan research and advocacy organization that seeks to change the narrative around immigration in America by promoting smart federal, state, and local immigration policies. AIC works to advance positive public attitudes towards immigrants and immigration and advocates for a more fair and just immigration system in the country. The organizations began their working relationship during the Trump administration and shared the realization that neither was able to perform its work at the necessary scale to combat the restrictive federal immigration legislation that was enacted. When AIC was experiencing a leadership transition, it was a natural fit for NAE’s executive director to take the role with the explicit understanding with both boards that he felt it would make sense to explore a merger. The SeaChange-Lodestar Fund for Nonprofit Collaboration provided a grant to help fund the cost of implementation support for the merger.

Grant Information

Grant Amount: $25,000

Year Granted: 2022

Grantee: New American Economy

Location: District of Columbia

Grantee Website: New American Economy