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Merger of Two Youth Empowerment Nonprofits

Youth Re:Action Corps (YRC), an Arizona nonprofit, and New Global Citizens (NGC), based in California, had a similar mission of encouraging local students to resolve issues that were of importance to them and to expand their horizons by connecting with students around the world. Recognizing the synergy between the two organizations and the opportunity to avoid duplication of efforts, YRC merged into NGC. The Lodestar Foundation underwrote a portion of the merger expenses. Subsequently, NGC was acquired by VIF International Education—which since changed its name to Participate Learning—enabling the continuation of NGC’s mission of inspiring young people around the world to think about impact beyond their classrooms. 

VIF International Education (VIF) is expanding beyond the classroom with its relaunch of New Global Citizens (NGC)

Grant Information

Grant Amount: $45,000

Year Granted: 2007

Grantee: New Global Citizens

Location: International

Grantee Website: Participate Learning