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Neurologists and Imaging Specialists Collaborate to Improve Brain Tumor Detection Technology

Neurosurgeons and neuroscientists from the Barrow Neurological Institute teamed up with bioengineering imaging specialists at Arizona State University to develop new technology to “see” brain tumor cells that are otherwise invisible on conventional MRI. This collaborative project required the clinical expertise of the Barrow clinical investigators, along with the technical capabilities of scientists at the ASU Magnetic Resonance Research Center. The project, the first of its kind in the United States, utilized human tissue specimens from neurosurgical operations at the Barrow, as well as high-resolution experimental MRI scanners designed to identify metabolic “signatures” associated with human brain tumor cells. Lodestar provided funding to the Barrow Neurological Foundation to support the collaboration.

Grant Information

Grant Amount: $50,000

Year Granted: 2013

Grantee: Barrow Neurological Foundation

Location: AZ - Arizona

Grantee Website: Barrow Neurological Institute