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Advertising Campaign Promotes Volunteerism

Volunteerism is typically promoted in the press through occasional articles about outstanding volunteers and public service announcements that air at off-peak times. Recognizing that professionally designed advertising and prominent ad placement have the potential to increase volunteerism in a community, Lodestar entered into a media collaboration to promote volunteerism. Lodestar and The Phoenix Business Journal co-sponsored a two-year print ad campaign that profiled the recipients of a high-profile local “unsung hero” volunteer award, the Hon Kachina Award, and urged readers to contact various volunteer placement nonprofits; the nonprofits tracked responses, and results showed a spike in the number of calls received by the nonprofits after each ad ran. Lodestar also supported other aspects of the Hon Kachina awards.

Grant Information

Grant Amount: $96,000

Year Granted: 2007

Timeframe: Grant awarded over multiple years

Grantee: Hon Kachina Volunteer Awards

Location: AZ - Arizona

Grantee Website: Hon Kachina Volunteer Awards