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Texas Nonprofits Merge to Find Innovative Social Impact Solutions

Greenlights for Nonprofit Success (Greenlights) was Central Texas’ leading nonprofit consulting, training, and research organization. Innovation+ was the Austin member of Social Venture Partners International, working to bring together donors, nonprofits, and social enterprises in the area. In 2014, Greenlights and Innovation+ decided to merge in order to create a new social impact organization, now known as Mission Capital. Leveraging the expertise, experience, and networks that Greenlights and Innovation+ had, Mission Capital is able to solve community problems in Central Texas through the power of philanthropy, nonprofit best practices, and entrepreneurship. A grant from the Lodestar Foundation helped cover one-time costs of the merger.

Grant Information

Grant Amount: $10,000

Year Granted: 2014

Grantee: Mission Capital

Location: TX - Texas

Grantee Website: Mission Capital