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Two social service agencies in Louisiana explore merging

MacDonell United Methodist Children’s Services provides clinical services to children, as well as residential services to foster children and youth aging out of foster care who have emotional and behavioral issues. Options for Independence provides community-based programs to serve individuals with serious mental illness and developmental disabilities. The organizations are two of the most established social service agencies in Houma and have shared knowledge and best practices historically. During the last three years, they have shared staff on an ad hoc basis. With colocation and staff sharing going well, the organizations are considering whether it would be advantageous to collaborate more formally. The SeaChange-Lodestar Fund for Nonprofit Collaboration provided a grant to help fund the cost of consultants to assist in the exploration of a merger. 

Grant Information

Grant Amount: $23,500

Year Granted: 2021

Grantee: MacDonell United Methodist Children's Services

Location: Louisiana